Our Core Values



We are all passionate about what we do, the place we live and its inhabitants. We intend to express this passion by providing a helping hand to people in the community we care about, particularly those in need of health care.


Team  Spirit

As a diverse group of people who are passionate about their work, our common goal is to sustain a healthy population, which we believe is the key to prosperity. By engaging our staff and customers to ensure that we understand and work towards this common goal everyone will become a winner.




We are trusted people in our communities and families. We aim to replicate the same values in our place of work by nurturing a sustainable relationship with our employees and customers to the benefit of the people we serve.



Responsiveness and preparedness in the delivery of services are core to our operations. Every second counts in a person’s life and we always seek to ensure that our work force is ready to respond in a safe and timely manner when the call is made. We have recruited and continue to recruit a large team of nurses, Healthcare assistants, Support workers, phlebotomists and who are motivated, committed and highly competent to offer our clients.